Adobe Photoshop CS5: Magic Wand tool

To help you quickly select certain objects based on their color range, the magic wand is a very useful tool to know.

The magic wand tool is located in the pull out menu with the quick selection tool (under the magic lasso tool in CS 5 version).







After you’ve selected the magic wand click on the area of the photo you want selected.

If you want more of the photo selected DON’T CLICK ON THE UNSELECTED AREA…yet.  Keep the original area you selected highlighted.

Instead go to the menu bar and open up the “Select” drop down menu.  Here you will find an option called “Similar.”  Click “Similar” and you will notice that more of your image is now highlighted.  Click on the “Similar” option as much as you want/need.

Now, you can delete or move the selected area.



~ by unemployedhobbyist on September 19, 2011.

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