Class Notes – 9/20/2011


Remember that awesome final project proposal you made? This week, you get to revise it and make it even more awesome (and descriptive/refined). Sweet!

This week, you’re all going on a “sound diet,” which means take out those earbuds and pay attention to your acoustic environment! You’re going to be coming up with a rough design concept for a soundscape you’re going to do. Where will you record? That’s where the listening to your environment parts comes in! No corporate spaces (McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc). Also, if you want to do an outdoor space, you need to be aware of the time of day you’re listening/recording (the sounds you hear at 4 PM are very different from those heard at 4 AM, I assure you). Ultimately, you want to capture the sounds of some place so that you can capture something about that place. The design concept that you come up with will, of course, be posted to your website.

Also, at some point during the week, you need to meet up with your sound groups to go over each other’s soundscape concepts. Those groups are, by the way:

Group 1:


Christina Ranalli

Katherine Sandler


Group 2:

Cathy Butchy



Group 3:




Speaking of sound, how do we record it? Well, if you don’t have any equipment handy, you can rent it from the university! Here’s the plan:

Go to room 526 of the Cathedral of Learning

Ask for Erin – she will have permission forms

Permission form in hand, go to the equipment office in room B-10 of Alumni Hall

Summing up the process, it’s (CL526 –> Erin –> permission form –> Alumni Hall B-10)

Also, when you’re listening to the assigned podcasts, be listening for the different ways sound is used (e.g., to give a sense of the story, to create a sense of place, to have an effect on the listener, etc)

And remember to keep working on those websites! A website without all of your assignments (or a link to the other student websites/class blog) is a lonely website : (

Your Friendly Neighborhood TA,

Dave Turka


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