Adobe Photoshop: Glowing Text

You’ve been tweaking your website and noticed that you want to spice it up a bit.  Well, if you have a logo or header or other text you want to stand out try adding a glow effect to the letters!

First open a new Photoshop document.  I used standard 8.5” by 11” settings.

To create a glow effect, first add a new gradient layer by going to the bottom of the layers panel and opening up the half white/half black circle option.  Click on Gradient at the top.






Pick a linear gradient that you like and set the settings as shown in the picture.




Next, type (using the text tool) a letter. And set the color blend option to screen.  You will notice your letter has disappeared.  Now go to the text layer in the layers panel and click to the right of it to open the layer style.  In here you will be manipulating the stroke and outer glow of the text as shown in the images below.





Your letter will look like this!


After the settings for the text have been made highlight the text layer by clicking on it and drag it to the “make new layer” option located at the bottom of the layers panel.  Click on the newly made layer that says “K copy”.  You will notice two letters on top of each other.  Highlight the copied layer of text and change the font.  Continue this copying of text layers (as many as you like) to create the glow effect.

When you finished creating the number of glow layers group all the layers together in the layers palette. To group: highlight all the different font layers of text by holding down “command” key.  When all layers are highlighted hit “command key + G”.  You have now grouped the text layers in a cohesive and workable unit.

After you have grouped the text layers, feel free to make new letters.

To make different letters hold down the “alt” key and drag the layered text in the canvas to duplicate it.  Another new layer appears.  Now you can just go into the copied layer in the layers panel and change the letter one by one.


Here is a look at my layers panel after I created different gradient backgrounds and multiple letters.

Here is an in-depth look at the sub layers of one of my letters

And here is my final product, I just have to rearrange the letters 🙂



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