How to record and preview sound in Adobe Audition CS 5.5

I had never recorded a .wav file before this weekend.  I knew I had installed this Adobe package, but I wasn’t positive what all went along with the software.  I went to my Adobe Master Suite 5.5 and found Adobe Audition.  So the fun began.

I opened a new “waveform” in Adobe Audition as my first step.  (At first I was confused as to the difference between a “waveform” and a “multitrack”…later realizing the obvious difference was the layering possibilities one had with a multitrack recording.) So here I was with a blank black page in Adobe Audition, now what?


After pressing the stop button when I was finished with  my recording (square button), I realized the sound that I had recorded had too many outer layers of sound that I didn’t wish to include in my sound recording.  I wanted a closer, finer sound. However, I was lacking a microphone.  What did I do? I used my headphones as a microphone and held them closer to the crickets and locusts as I recorded their sounds at 10pm at night in my front yard.

As I listened to the recording on playback, I realized I didn’t like all of the noise that was jammed into my little recording.  I wanted to separate the left and the right of the .wav file so that I could determine which layer was closer to my soundscape.  I clicked the left button off so that I could only hear the right earbud’s recording.



Below I have showed you the lighter gray that the “L” button will change to after you click on it compared to the darker gray of the R button.  This means you have done it right if there are two different gray buttons.  Furthermore, you can see I underlined the different colored waves in the R and L windows.  The gray wave means that it will be mute during this listening session and the teal means this wave will be heard this time around.  (Default will be two teal waves!)

After you have decided which wave sound you prefer, you may choose to layer that .wav file with other sounds which is where the more complicated wav recordings will be introduced. Until then, keep recording!



~ by scw32 on September 26, 2011.

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