How to Remove Glare in Adobe Photoshop

Here we are again my aspiring photographers. You just got back from that spontaneous vacation you took took to Paris and have a bunch of pictures, or if you’re like me, you went absolutely nowhere and just happen to be looking through all of your old photos when you notice something, well uh…glaring. Alright, bad pun, I know, but it’s time to fix all of your photos that the sun, artificial lighting, or that pesky little flash tainted. Luckily, if you’re reading this blog and you have Adobe Photoshop, I can show you how to quickly remove glare in the easiest way possible. I should qualify that the way I am going to show you, is by no means the best or most accurate way, but an easy option if you’re looking for a quick fix.

Take this photograph I took for example. I forgot to turn off the flash on my camera, so it reflected off the plastic case of the eyelashes and showed up in my picture.

    Now if you’re like me, and if       you’re still reading you are,      that glare in the top left             corner is driving you nuts.         Fortunately, because that           area is black, I can easily           just paint over it with the           Brush Tool in photoshop.           After you upload your photo,    click the Brush Tool in your       left option bar. DO NOT            confuse the Brush Tool icon                                                                                          with the Quick Selection Tool                                                                                        or History Brush Tool                                                                                                  icons.

 <————— NOPE! Not the Quick Selection Tool

<—————- BINGO! Yes, the Brush Tool

<—————– NO WAY! Not the History Brush Tool




Now that you have the right tool, simply select the color black or #000000 and use the paint brush to cover the glare. You might want to zoom in to make things easier, and the process requires a steady hand. Remember, this is not the best way to remove glare, just the quickest and easiest way!

Viola! The glare on the black is fixed. If you are unsure of the exact color, you’re trying to remove glare from (i.e. its not black or white), use the Lasso Tool. The Lasso Tool icon is, fittingly, a rope tied into a lasso. This allows you to freehand select an area on the photo. Select an area that is the same color as the place where you want to remove glare, and then click copy under the edit menu. After the object is copied, click paste under the edit menu, and move the new section to cover the glare. It is better to lasso a small part of the photo, and copy and paste several times, so that you can ensure the accuracy of your coverage.

Keep taking photos my friends!



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  1. Looking back at this post, I think it is my weakest for several reasons. First of all, it is not the proper way to remove glare in Photoshop (though it is a helpful little trick,) and is very limited in that regard. The person reading this will only find the blog useful if they are removing glare from a solid color in their photo. I need to either change the title of my blog to express that I’m simply using the brush tool or change the post to encompass more scenarios for when someone would want to remove glare. Also, the post is not graphically pleasing because I did not pay attention to see if the font would line up. It looks like a mess, and accordingly, if I was a reader, I would not trust me as a valuable source. I also think I should have explained the tools in more detail to reduce confusion and help clarify my example.


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