Inserting an Audio File to a Webpage on Adobe Dreamweaver

Since I am experimenting with audio programs, I figure that I put something related to audio files on the blog this week. I, along with the class I am in, am

going to create a soundscape, but how could I actually import it onto the page? Here’s how:

From the menu bar on top of the screen, select Insert > Media > Shockwave (the third selection MAY be different depending on what kind of audio file you wish to upload). From here, a selection screen will pop up. Click on the file and select

“Choose.” Give it a title, and you’re all set. At this point, the sound will play once it is loaded.

The only thing you might want to take note is a QuickTime Plugin icon or play/pause WILL show up on your page. You may want to hide it somehow, unless you want to give the user the option of pausing the track. Also, this only plays the track once.


Jarad Kmietowicz

~ by jmk186 on September 26, 2011.

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  1. I remember when I did this post that it worked perfectly for a music file on my computer in my browser. However, when I inserted a larger file a few weeks later, someone’s browser froze (which was different from mine). I apologize to anyone who faced this problem. From now on, I try to test my methods on as many browsers as I can for as many files as I can on as many computers as I can.

    -Jarad Kmietowicz (Author)

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