Class Notes – 9/27/2011

And now for a few things that we went over in class:

Tip for the week (which is not meant to imply that there will be one every week…): 650-700 pixels is as wide as text should go on your websites.

If you want to change your final project or your soundscape location, you should email Jamie about it ASAP.

As for your final projects, and the revision(s) thereof: Flesh out your final project – think about your vision, the concept, what you want the user’s experience to be, and how you’ll make it.

Every week, you should be taking pictures related to your final project. The idea is that either your final project takes place somewhere, or there is some place-ness (for lack of a better word) to it. Then, every week, upload the best 5 of the bunch, after you’ve cleaned them up and made them web-appropriate in your favorite image editor.

As for the presentation of pictures on your websites, take a look at how other websites handle it – think about thumbnails that lead to bigger pictures, picture galleries, etc.

Also, for next week, make sure you bring in your recording device, some headphones/earbuds, and at least 3 recorded tracks (with stuff going on, not just white noise – though you’ll need to get that, too!) you made for your soundscape project. It’s recommended that you have a master track, where you walk around recording everything, taking in the whole space, and then get some special recordings of the specific sounds of the space.

That about covers it (along with the post about your homework for the week on the main website, of course) – happy recording/photographing/writing!


Your Friendly Neighborhood TA,

Dave Turka


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