How to Adjust Brightness/Contrast in Adobe Photoshop

Despite a solid  seven years of owning a camera, I just can’t seem to control that pesky flash. When I’m in the moment, I just want to point and shoot so I can capture all the action, not worry about adjusting the flash. But this strategy comes with a price. More of my pictures turn out dark and unusable than I care to admit. Fortunately though, I discovered Adobe Photoshop and how to transform my dark photos into artistic masterpieces!

Alright so that might have been a bit of  an exaggeration, but I can show you how to transform

THIS PICTURE:                                                                                                                            INTO THIS PICTURE:











This is actually a super easy fix. Just open your picture in Adobe Photoshop. Select Image from the menu bar at the top of the page, and then click on Adjustments, which is the second option from the top. Choose Brightness/Contrast from the menu that follows. A box will appear that looks like this:

Make sure to check the Preview box because it allows you to see the adjustment as you are making it. Play around with both brightness and contrast by moving the arrows left or right. Moving arrows to the left decreases Brightness/Contrast and moving them to the right increases Brightness/Contrast. Keep adjusting until your photo looks good!



~ by stacyteierle on October 4, 2011.

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