Strip Audio from Video in Adobe Audition

Because I did not have a microphone to record my soundscape, I decided to use my digital camera to take videos. But now that my videos are on my computer as .AVI files, I need to strip the audio from the video as I will only be working with audio for my soundscape. I messed around with a couple different techniques but discovered that AdobeĀ Audition is the easiest way because it basically does it for you.

First open up Audition and open your file in Audition.

Select the file you want to insert and click Open.

Now here’s the best part. By opening your file in Adobe Audition, it has already stripped the audio from the visual. Now all you have to do is save. One thing to be cautious of is that Adobe Audition will not automatically save your new audio file where your video is. Make sure to click Browse and save your video where you want it to be saved.

And now you have an audio file that can be edited for your soundscape!



~ by maireadlynn on October 4, 2011.

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