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Changing Link Colors

This seems like a very unimportant thing to know, but while constructing my website I noticed that my links after I clicked them seemed to disappear because the color blended with my websites background color.

What I wanted to accomplish was that after I clicked my link, making it already visited that it would turn a lighter color so it could still be seen.

How I accomplished this is very simple first I opened my CSS.

Then after this I put in the four link states which are:

a:link- which is a normal unvisited link

a:visited-which is a visited link

a:hover- a link in which the user has their mouse over it

a:active- the link that is being clicked

After I put in the links I inserted the colors that I wanted my links to be:

the color code is placed right after the direct link state.

Example: {color: #3C46ff;}

After I inserted each specific color, I inserted which each link was so that if I ever went back to revise it I would know which was which.

This is how it looks in my CSS:

I hope this helps you with changing your link colors, I know it seems simple but for me I found it kind of confusing!

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