Using an Excel Spreadsheet to Make a Calendar/Webpage

First thing first you of course need to make sure that you have Excel on your computer, if you don’t this tutorial is entirely useless to you.

Assuming that you do have Excel there are multiple ways to create calendars, i.e. using the calendar templates that excel gives you, but for my purposes and for the purposes of this tutorial we’re going to use a regular spreadsheet.

So the first thing you’re going to wanna do is open Microsoft Excel. When you do that it should give you a screen asking you to select a template.

Template Select Screen

This is what the screen you should see after you double click on the Excel icon.

Once again there are two templates there that will also allow you create calendars, but for the this tutorial you’re going to click the one that is already highlighted, which should be Excel Workbook. Once you get a fresh spreadsheet you can make it for what ever kind of time period you want. The kind I made is weekly.

An empty weekly calendar

This is an empty weekly calendar that I made in Excel.

Once again it could be any kind of Calendar you want, I chose to do a weekly calendar. Now after you’ve made your calendar. You can play with spreadsheet, and format it in any manner you want it to be in. Now after you’ve made your calendar all you have left is making it into a webpage. To do that what you have to do is save it as a webpage. *Just a little note it saves as an htm file not an html file.*

Saving it as a webpage.

This is where you want to click save as a webpage.

The save screen

Title it what you want, decide where to save it at, and click save.

After you’ve saved your spreadsheet, you now have a webpage with your calendar on it. You now know how to make your own calendars in spreadsheet, and you also know how to make your spreadsheets into webpages.

Finished product

This is my finished calendar/webpage that I made in Excel.


Chris Collier


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  1. It’s a different way than I would have thought to make a calendar. It also looks to be a clean layout, with the boxes around the pictures.

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