How to Create an Image Link

There is a very basic code that can be used to create an image that when click directs you to a certain link- whether it be to the source of that image, or to another website such as your own.

Here is the basic template:

<a href=”URL_OF_SITE_HERE”><img src=”URL_OF_IMAGE_HERE”></a>

URL_OF_SITE_HERE: This is where the entire url of the web site you want to link the picture to is inserted.
For example:

URL_OF_IMAGE_HERE: This is where the url of the image you want to show up on your page which when clicked will redirect you to another page is inserted.
For example:

Macs: In order to retrieve the image URL if the image is already on another website all you have to do  is right click on the image and click “Copy Image Address” and the URL will automatically be copied. This is show below.

If done right, the final product should work like this:
Image link away!

If you enjoy the picture of Downtown Pittsburgh below,
Click the image to see more!


– Surabhi Menon


~ by surbss on October 16, 2011.

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