How to do a Screenshot on Windows and Make Use of It

Doing a Screenshot of what you are seeing on you’re computer, can be a very beneficial tool if used correctly. A person can show another person digitally how to do something on their  computer by mimmicking exactly what you are showing them through the screenshot. One can also show different parts of the screeen and details that are pertinent to what the viewer is trying to learn how to do.

To start off, one must pick a specific shot that they want the viewer to see. I have chosen this one.

After choosing a picture, I would look on my standard keyboard for the PrnScr (PrintScreen) button. This is normally located next to the f12 button on the standard keyboard.

When you press PrntScrn, you will notice nothing happens. But you are mistaken! The image of your screen at that time is saved to the Clippboard on your computer. This is just like copying and pasting. Therefore you can open the image in another program such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint. Today, I have chosen paint. When I open a new paint document, I hit the paste option on the upper left hand side and then my screenshot appears.

I can then crop out all unwanted detail and save the image  of my screen shot to be used elsewhere.

After being cropped and saved this screenshot is ready to be shown to the world. Take funny pictures of computer glitches, high scores on computer games, maybe even make a DIY blog! The possibilities are endless with taking screenshots. I hope this was informative and helps you with your screenshot taking career.

by Derrick L. Smith II


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5 Responses to “How to do a Screenshot on Windows and Make Use of It”

  1. i like the detailed pictures available in the tutorial which really help point out the buttons that you need to press to move to the next step. the screen shots are nice and clear and the directions are easy to understand and concise.

  2. Thanks so much ! Your picture of your keyboard really helped me understand which key to press. I didn’t even have to look for it on my keyboard. Very nice simple and clear directions

  3. I think it may just be the giant Dell keyboard, but this one definitely caught my attention. It’s simple and quick enough, but gets the job done.

  4. This is a very handy tool and I like how you even had a picture of the keyboard..very descriptive!

  5. This post stood out to me because of its usage of the arrows to highlight certain points things that you wanted us to see. They helped to draw my focus to those specific points whereas otherwise I would’ve just been looking aimlessly at the pictures.

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