How to Embed an Audio File using Adobe Dreamweaver with CSS

So the title alone may sound intimidating, but uploading a song or clip of sound to the internet isn’t that hard.

Adobe Dreamweaver is the easiest program to begin with. First, you need to open a new page using Dreamweaver by clicking File > Open > Create (Create selects html as the type of document). If you’re working with a web page already, you would want to choose that file instead.

From there, you’ll need to include the audio or sound file that you intend to put onto the web page. This can be done earlier by downloading the music file you’d like to use to a flash drive;  it can then be opened under the “Manage Sites” column of Dreamweaver. Now, the audio file is under your sites page. Using your password and server name, you can establish a site so that whatever work is done on dreamweaver can then be transported to your web page.


~ by marissaceleste7 on October 16, 2011.

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