How to Leave a Specific Area Colored in Photoshop

Have you ever wanted to take a photo and make it black and white, except for a specific item like a flower or person? It’s actually a simple process.

Let’s start with a photo I took for a previous assignment.


Now, let’s say that for some crazy reason, I wanted to keep the shrubbery on the right green, but everything else to be black and white.

First step is to select the Quick Selection tool, and select the area you want to keep in color.

Since you really need the rest of the image instead, go up to the Select menu, and click Inverse.

Now, we can make the image black and white by going to the Image menu, Adjustments, and Hue/Saturation.

Once the box opens, change the Saturation to -100 to remove the color.

Hit OK, and you’re done. Just go save it in whatever file type you want. The results:

-Daniel Goodstein


~ by dgoodst on October 16, 2011.

5 Responses to “How to Leave a Specific Area Colored in Photoshop”

  1. This post stuck in my mind because of the number of images and the slight differences in each image. The vibrance of the images also helped draw my attention as well. The initial vs. final product made me want to know how to create that change.

  2. I really liked this first because the concept of it is really neat, but also because the pictures are super helpful as to how to actually do it. The only thing that I would change is that I wish your pictures were bigger so I can read your text in the drop down menus.

  3. I never knew how to do this, very interesting! I like how you had a picture for every description so I always knew exactly what I was doing.

  4. I have been waiting for this blog! I could never figure out how to do it and this seems really easy to follow. The only thing is that the screen shots could be cropped so that you could see more closely in the picture exactly what to do, otherwise very useful!

  5. This post stuck in my mind because it made a rather advanced topic in photoshop much simpler to understand. It also reinforced all the techniques we were taught in class and helped clarify the concept overall. Because the writer picked a good picture to illustrate the concept, it made the entire process easier to understand and the screenshots used helped make the process easy to replicate.

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