How to post you work onto the internet using Dreamweaver

In order to put your work onto the internet you must:

1. Click Site

2. Click New Site

3. Click New

4. Under the Site tab click the folder on the right side of the second line and add your folder for your website

5. Then under the Servers tab press the “+” sign

6. In Server name type : bluehost

7. In FTP address type:

8. In username: the username that you made

9. In password: the password Dr. Bianco gave you

10. Leave root directory and Web URL clear

11. Then press test and if its successful then press save

12. When the original Manage sites box appears press done

13. Now your work should be in the right hand corner at the bottom in a box

14. Highlight everything and press the up arrow

15. Press no to the pop up question

16. You have successfully put your work onto the internet!


~ by twalker1992 on October 16, 2011.

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  1. I made my calendar like this also! I thought that this would be the simplest way to do so!The only thing was after I saved mine as a web page I couldn’t figure out how to upload it! I tried multiple times to do so but it did not work! I ended up just taking a picture or screen shot to be more exact and then adding it as an image onto my website! I definitely thought this was the simplest way to make an hour by hour schedule of each day and especially because I was already familiar with excel! I know there were other options but I was glad to see someone did it the same way I did!

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