On-Clip Fade In Editing

Many audio clips abruptly start as they go from complete 
silence to aggressive noise. With the fade in editing options
on Adobe Soundbooth, this is very easy to change and alter. 
Make your audio recording clips sound flawless as they gently 
accelerate in volume!

With the imported sound clip you wish to work on open into 
Adobe Soundbooth, you can use the top left fade control to 
edit your fade in.

By simply dragging the fade control box to the right or left, 
you can edit the amount of time the fade will occur. The sound 
will be at full volume where the top of the yellow line hits 
the timer.

Does your recording still sound too abrupt when it starts? 
No problem! The yellow line can also be moved up and down
to control how rapidly the fade occurs.

After playing with these main controls of on-clip fade in 
editing,your recording should now have an easy transition from 
silence to full volume. The fade in editing can irreversibly 
work for fade out editing to complete the smoothness of any 

Alyssa Ferguson
Composing Digital Media Freshmen Seminar

~ by alyssalef on October 16, 2011.

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  1. The language used was extremely user friendly and the arrows are very helpful because they help point out the specific location on application. Good job!

  2. I liked the way you added arrows to your screenshots to direct your viewers’ line of vision. I also appreciated the way you addressed a possible problem because those do come up from time to time.

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