Let’s say you are trying to create a website about Puppies using Adobe Dreamweaver

Here is what you will begin with:

You will have to have a picture of a puppy already saved in your documents, so make sure you have previously selected the picture you want to be on your website

Now you will go to the menu bar on the top and select “Insert”

Once you have found the “Insert” tab, on the drop down menu, click “Image”.

Now you will see a smaller window pop-up.

Here is where you will find the picture you have saved.

Find the document you have saved the picture in and double-click it. Then find your picture, click it with your mouse, then click choose.

You will have to create an Image Tag that relates to the image you have selected. This will make it easier for other people to know what image you are displaying.

Click “Ok” and now your image is inserted into your website!

Thank you!

Beth Schrader


~ by bschrades on October 17, 2011.

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