Creating a calendar for a website!

Making a Digital Calendar!
by kayrup on October 17, 2011
Want to upload a calendar to your website but dont know how?! There are a TON of ways to make a calendar that you can upload to the web, but the BEST way to do it is as followed: on Mac’s and PC’s there are desk calendars that you can fill with all your busywork and memos. Here’s a quick explanation of how to do it.

If you’re not sure where you’re computers calendar is start with number 1 (If not you can skip to number 5):

1. On the bottom left side of your computer, theres either a windows button, or a button that says finder. If you click it, it will bring up a menu.

2. Enter in the search bar “calendar”

3. If you plan to use the calendar often for multiple things, you can either drag it to your desktop to use frequently or you can put it on your computer’s “dock”.

4. If you click and drag the icon then you can place it where ever on your computer that you like.

5. Click the button and open up the calendar application.

6. Whether you have a busy daily schedule or a more “pencil-ed” in approach, you can enter as much or as little activity as you like.

7. Choose whether you want the daily, weekly, or monthly calendar.

8. Enter either daily appointments or occasional activites by right clicking on the time slot and selecting add.

9. Add your activities information.

10. Once all the information is added to your calendar you can upload it to a website or keep it for personal use!

11. To upload it to a website the best way to get a good quality resolution is to take a “screen snap shot” of the calendar.

12. On most PC’s theres a button that says PrntScr. This stands for print screen.

13. If you click the PrntScr buton it will take a screen snapshot.

14. If you open up paint then you can paste the photo on a new page.

15. Crop it to however you like, including as much or as little of your activities as you like.

16. After you decide your proportions of the photo, then save it as a JPG.

17. Once you have your picture done, enter into dream weaver.

18. In dreamweaver enter the following information:

19. * Where it says location of picture/name of picture enter where you saved the picture at as well as the picture name followed after, make sure to type with NO spaces, and include .jpg

20. If you refresh your page in dreamweaver your picture of your calendar should appear! If the photo image is too big include sizing dimensions for it such as: * size depends on how big you want the calendar to be.

21. Finally, click the page upload button in dreamweaver, and hit no when the popup box displays.

22. Go to your website and check out you’re awsome new calendar!!

-kristen rupnik


~ by kayrup on October 17, 2011.

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  1. I only bulleted my calendar and would like to put it in a calendar so this blog will be very helpful! The only thing is that pictures would make following the steps much easier and quicker.

  2. You listed your information very clearly and this was very easy to follow. Thanks for helping me understand how to make a good calendar.

  3. I thought this was very informative and in depth which was very helpful! Adding pictures/snap shots of the step by step process would help make this even more user friendly

  4. Very descriptive. I didn’t really need pictures on order to follow the directions.

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