“Erasing” an unfavorable part of an image in PhotoShop

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We all have pictures that we really like, except for that one little part that we wish we could erase. Well, don’t fret there is a solution to this issue and it’s not difficult!

Firstly, find the picture you wish to edit and open it on Adobe PhotoShop

If possible, you may want to crop your image first, to minimize your work. To do so, go to the menu bar on the left of the screen and select the crop tool (it is box shaped with a slash through it)

Inorder to crop your image you must drag the crop tool over the entire image. Then use the arrows to crop the image of any unwanted space. A dark grey area will appear on the part of the image that is being cropped.

Next, since you will be editing your original file, it is always best to create a duplicate layer. The shortcut to doing this is right clicking on the locked background layer on the lower right side of the screen and then selecting duplicate layer. A window will pop up with background layer highlighted. Simply click ok.

Once you have done this, go to the clone stamp tool on the left menu bar of the screen. It should look like a stamp.

Now that the stamp has been selected, you can change the size of it to correspond to the area you wish to erase or hide. Be careful not to make the stamp too large. Otherwise it will copy unwanted pixels. To change the size of the stamp, go up to the top left of the screen where it shows a black dot and a number right below it. (this will be next to the icon with the stamp)

Drag the lever under the word size to make the stamp smaller or larger. Once you have made the stamp the appropriate size you can go to the image and select the pixels you wish to copy. (this will allow you to “hide” the unwanted part) To select the pixels, drag the brush over the area and hold down the alt key. And then click over the part of the image you wish to hide. To make the image appear real, you will have to select the pixels and click on the unwanted area multiple times. Watch as the lady’s arm disappears!

The final product should look something like this!


-Lindsey Jamieson


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  1. This post grabbed my attention because of how “personal” it was. The fact that you used pictures of yourself in your How To and that there were step by step images and bright images helped draw me in.

  2. I found this memorable because this post was very down to earth, and very easy to read and retain. There wasn’t any unknown ‘computer talk’ that prevented a reader from utilizing what the speaker was trying to explain, and the descriptiveness of the post made it extremely easy to replicate the procedure. The writer also made sure not to use the extremely boring language or arrange the posts in a list. Overall, the informativeness of the post and the simplification of the procedure made this post memorable of all the ones I read.

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