Quick Fixing an Audio File from an Abrupt Noise on Adobe Audition CS 5.5

Background noise is an ever-present annoyance in audio recording. It is something the recorder cannot control, for the most part. You cannot avoid white noise ( just do a noise reduction from a captured noise print), but there may be a quick, abrupt noise that does not occur anywhere else in the track.

For example, here is a sample audio file of a bell ringing:

You can see that there are many spikes in the file, something that doesn’t sound appealing. After reducing the white noise, I am left with:

This is a little better, but I am still stuck with a few irregular spikes (some are much different than the rest). The biggest one of all happens to be a bus letting off some air, steam, or whatever they disperse into the air. Regardless, it interrupted my recording, just once, though. What I then did was highlighted the unwanted spike, right-clicked (double-finger click on my MacBook Pro) and selected “Auto-Heal” (below).

After doing this for all the noises you want to get rid of, you have a masterpiece! Well, that is in comparison to what you had before. Here’s the finished product:

Jarad M. Kmietowicz

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  1. This is really descriptive, I thought it was really helpful! The picture that you used were actually really helpful too! When I went to do my sounds today instead of asking Dave how to do this I looked on here!

  2. This tutorial is short and to the point but encompasses all you need to know for removing background sound. The pictures are complimentary and instructions for each step are very clear. Good job!

  3. I found your how to super helpful because this is something we’re working on now. I like how you included SO many picutres and really good detailed instructions on how to do this. GOOD JOB !

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