Class Notes – 10/18/2011


Day in the Life

There will be some sort of narrative with this piece. It will be a composed, intentional piece that was made with purpose.

Tell us:

What’s it going to be about? (not you)

Why is it going to be about that?

Get some test footage for the project. You should get about 3-5 clips. How long, you ask? As long as they need to be to get what you need, of course! When you come into class on Tuesday, you should have ALREADY gotten the footage off of your camera and on to something like a flash drive.

If you need to convert some video file formats, you can check out the handbrake project at <>, which is an open source project for just such a task. It’s good for going from a higher quality format to a more compressed (“lossy”) one. Make sure that the resolutions you’re converting to are all the same – it would be no fun to have almost all of your clips in 640×480 and then one in 320×240 (digital information is really easy to get cut out but not so easy put back).

While you’re doing your footage this week, start blocking out in your mind what you need to shoot – think about the actual images that you want to make. After next class, you’ll have to start turning this thought-work into storyboards! Yay!


11/11/11 –

Skyrim 11.11.11
This is a video project in which you capture a day in a particular place. Look around – what do you want to capture about that place? It should be utterly unique to that place and time (it should not be the experience of your everyday college life) – it should be special, and special on that day. It doesn’t have to be huge – it can be small, particular, and special. Also, think about what thematic category you would be aiming for.

All footage MUST be shot on that day.

What’s due for this on Tuesday?

What you’ll do, how you’ll do it, and why it’s both correct for the assignment and something you think you ought to do.


Revised Soundscape

Your final product should be an image, text, and sound composite. None of these elements should repeat what’s in the others, but they should instead weave together to form a cohesive whole – they should be three things telling a story by working together. You shouldn’t use the text as captions, or to explain what’s in a picture, or to repeat what someone has said (that would be redundant).

Also, work on the look of the page – it should look intentional, like some multimedia-driven page you might come across on the wilds of the Internet. Use the look of your page to help guide your reader and tell the story. Another approach is to think of it as photojournalism that uses sound.


Make an appointment with Jamie

Send Jamie an email listing your availability for next week, Mon-Thur, and the week after next, Mon-Fri. Appointments will be on a first come, first served basis (and remember she has other classes that will be trying to get appointments!), so get in fast and early! Also, if anything changes in your availability at some point, let her know right away.



As for those closet videos we did, here’s the plan:

1) Make a new folder on your website called “videos”  (not visible to the general public)

2) If your videos are totally huge in terms of file size, you may need to convert them to something smaller ( like by using handbrake, at )

3) Upload your video(s) to your “videos” folder

4) There is no step four, because you’re already done!


Also, remember that you need to bring a camera to class for the next 4 or 5 weeks straight. Please get a decent one that can do white balancing (you’ll thank yourself later, trust me. Well, at least, you’ll do the opposite of thank yourself later if you don’t).



Your friendly neighborhood TA,

Dave Turka


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