How to Add a New Multitrack File on Soundbooth

Soundbooth sounds like an easy tool to use, right? Just upload your recordings, do a little editing and you’re done. Well, not so much. Soundbooth can become rather confusing at times if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. But hey, that’s why I am writing this blog for you. This blog is going to deal with adding a new multitrack to soundbooth once you have already uploaded all of your sounds. This new multitrack will allow you to bring all your sounds together in one track.

If you haven’t already, import all of your sounds! Edit them if you wish, then follow these steps. Don’t sweat, this is quite easy but very necessary if you do not know how to do it.

Go to the top of the screen where all of the pull down bars are, such as “File, Edit, View” etc. Click on “File.” A pull down menu should appear similar to the picture below.




fileIn the pull down menu, the first tab you will see if called “New” scroll over that but do not click on it.

Easy, right? It just keeps getting easier! Now scroll over so that your cursor is in the pull down menu to the right. There will be only two tabs that are black that you can click on. Scroll to the second one called “Multitrack File” and click on it. It is highlighted in the picture below.

Once you click on that, look in the main sound booth area where your tracks usually are and there should be a new empty track. From here, you can drag all of your tracks into this new multitrack to bring them together. Good luck!

-Alyssa Scalercio












~ by alyssascalercio on October 19, 2011.

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