How to add fonts to your auto CSS font family list on Dreamweaver

Tired of the default font’s on your CSS page on dream weaver? Want easy access when typing your CSS to more intricate fonts? I can tell you how to edit your font family list so that when typing your CSS you have automatic access to many fonts and not just the default times new roman, arial, and courier new.

First off, if you’re not already for the basic CSS code for the basic layout of your page including background color, width, height, font, and font color it looks like this:

When you click your space bar after typing the : after font-family a list of fonts should come up like this :

These are the default fonts that usually pop up

If you want easy access to more fonts and for them to show up on this default list scroll down until you see edit list and click:

Choose this option

Then, make sure you choose the highlighted option below which says “Add fonts in list below”:

Make sure add fonts in lists below is selected

Next, scroll through the extensive list and choose a font that you want such as the one below which is a titled script like font titled “Brush Script MT Italic”:

Choose a font

Then, click on the two arrows facing left to transfer that font into chosen fonts – it should automatically go into your list such as:

Add font to list

Now click cancel. Complete the first step of typing a space after the colon following “font-family” in your CSS code and observe the new and improved list of default fonts:

New Font Appears in Default List

Look at the new font on the bottom!

Use your font and insert it into the CSS code:

Insert new font into your CSS

And ENJOY just as I enjoyed the use of my new font on my page!!!!

New font that I can now use easily in my CSS!

Hope this makes your CSS life a little easier!

~ Surabhi Menon


~ by surbss on October 20, 2011.

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