How to Upload Files Onto the Website

You have successfully created a website page! But how to get that page onto the website?

First, open Dreamweaver. On the bottom right hand corner, there is a tab which says files. Make sure that tab is open. Then click on the link which says Manage Links. click on new. Click on the folder to the right to choose which folder you are saving your website files to. Then click on the servers tab to the left. Click on the plus sign and you will se an area to fill out. Hopefully you know the information or your teacher has provided it for you. I recommend clicking the test button before you save to make sure your password and all the information is correct. Once all the information is filled in click save and done until you get back to the dreamweaver page.

In the same bottom right hand corner where you found the manage site link you should see a list of all the files from the folder you chose. Click on the icon of the file you want to put on your website and then click the up arrow. Click no when a page pops up asking if you want to put on dependent files. Also, make sure you upload any photos the same way you uploaded files because otherwise the pictures will not show up on the webpage.

Congratulations! You have a website.

-Helen R.


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