Combining Two Images in Photoshop

Ever want to put some objects into the same picture? Maybe pretend you really were at that party? Well, here’s how you’d Combine pictures together. Let’s start with these two images I took for photography:


First step is to open the two images in Photoshop. Choose which one of the two you want to take the piece from, and select the object with the Quick Select tool.


Copy the object, switch to the other image, and paste it in.

Save, and you’re done. Simple, right?  The Finished Image:

Finished product

-Daniel Goodstein


~ by dgoodst on October 22, 2011.

5 Responses to “Combining Two Images in Photoshop”

  1. Very systematic and simplistic approach to something that, at first glance, would seem very difficult to do, even with professional image editors. It’s very step-by-step, demonstrating which tools to use, such as Quick Select, and then going to the second image and placing it in. As an aside, doing this on an image with a starkly different background helps because it eliminates the need to blur and smudge the image to get it to fit properly, simplifying it for the beginner.

    -Ryan C

  2. This is such an interesting way to make a great photo out of two mediocre photos. I thought this would be a much more complex process, but you broke it down in a painless way. The images you combined were bright and vivid which caught my eye, but they were also relatively clean and manageable to crop and copy which made this process more understandable.
    Alyssa Ferguson

  3. I liked this post because it was simple and easy. It wasn’t terribly extensive, but you got your point across. You also still made good use of pictures. They showed me exactly what I needed to do.

    Chris Collier

  4. The vivid pictures capture attention and the steps are very systematic. The fact the instructions are not of great length is helpful. This is very user friendly -lindsey Jamieson

    The vivid pictures capture attention and the steps are very systematic. The fact the instructions are not mundane and lengthy help make the instructions usable to a person who has very little photoshop experience. Adding arrows to the pictures to help point out the specific reference points that each instruction talks about such as the icons, the quick select tool. A person with little experience with photoshop might not know where the quick select tool is, arrows pointing to where the reader should click would be extremely helpful.

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