How to recored multitrack audio using Mix Pad Sound Editor


Open your audio recording program (in this case, Mix Pad Sound Editor) and select “Multitrack View.” Select how many tracks you want to record. A corresponding number of new tracks will open on the recording screen.

Give your new session file folder a name by using the “Save” or “Save As” command in the “File” menu. If you skip or forget this step, you will be automatically prompted to create and save a new session folder before recording can begin.

Choose your input source for each track (for example, external microphones, or a bass guitar plugged in direct) under the “Inputs/Outputs” area of the “Main” panel.

Click the “Arm for Record” (“R”) button on the individual track you want to record. This puts the recorder in standby mode.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each track if you plan to record multiple tracks live simultaneously.

Position the start-time indicator at the desired starting point in the main panel where you want recording to begin.

Click the “Record” button to begin recording on all tracks currently in standby mode.

Press “Stop” when you are finished recording the tracks.


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