Steps to Making an Image go from Good to Great!

     Photoshop CS5.1 can help you make any image look snazzy!

Okay so this image is good!

But it could use some work..

Let’s use some Photoshop magic and……

Check it out!

We have now added character to this image and capture the simplistic beauty of downtown Pittsburgh.  Now don’t fret, you can do it too! All you need is Photoshop and of course a creative eye.

Open Photoshop and find your picture.

So go to File, Open and select your image from the folder where it is located.

Now that you‘ve opened your file you want to save it as a copy. Because remember kids NEVER edit on your original file!

Now it is time to make your image look pretty!

1.Go to the tool bar on the right hand side titled color,swatches,and style.

2.Click the syles tab

3. There are 3 horizontal lines in the very corner of the toolbar. Click on that and find Image Effects.

When you open image effects you should see all the different effects.

   In order to see the the results of the effects on different images you must create a duplicate layer by right clicking where it says background on the tool bar and press okay.

Now you are almost done! You are free to choose whichever effect you want. For the effect I had in the beginning look for the 7th box in the 2nd row.

Feel free to play around with the other effects and Enjoy!

-Nikki Abban


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  1. Well, the first reason this post caught my eye is because of the vibrant, large image of the city. After looking at the post more I realized how much I liked the composition. It was different than usual posts. Nikki actually showed the before and after products of her how to, and THEN listed the steps. Usually the before product is shown, then steps listed, and then the after product shown. I also liked her conversational rhetoric and the addition of drawn in arrows in order to make steps clearer. For example, when the steps were almost complete she mentions that “Now you are almost done!” Her last sentence is “Feel free to play around with the other effects and Enjoy!” She is almost allowing us to use her advice as we please, and her “Enjoy!” adds a warm feeling to the post.


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