Adding HTML pages to your site !

Trying to start your first website?! Here’s a look at how to add html web pages to your site.

Adding a link to a website is as easy as adding a new heading or paragraph. Inside the page’s body content, insert the HTML opening tag for a link:


In HTML, tags are used for anchors, – they’re use to denote links. Anchor tags are used BEFORE both text that will be a clickable link on a page AND the text its self (maybe even on the same page) to which the link will take you. The tag is the opening tag used to create a link to a seperate Web page. Links to different sections of a single site call for the use of a different tag.

Once you have placed in your opening tag, copy and paste the URL of the site to which you want to link into the area between the quotation marks. (This spot is indicated by the italicized type in the above format for the link tag.) Be sure the Web address between the quotation marks ends in a forward slash:

Write, “” rather than, “”

Your opening tag is complete. Next, directly after the opening tag, type the text that will appear on your Web page as the hyperlink. This is the text that, when you click on it, will take you to the website specified by the URL in the opening anchor tag.

This is the clickable link.

And close the line with a closing tag.

This is the clickable link.

The final product should appear like this:

This is the clickable link.

Save your HTML document, and upload it to your website! Go to your website and make sure you linked everything correctly and WAAA-LAA 🙂 you have clickable links!


Hope this helped!


Kristen Rupnik


~ by kayrup on October 23, 2011.

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