Fading in and out in Soundbooth.

Have you ever wondered why professional music doesn’t just end abruptly? That’s because rather than just letting the sound end once the song is over, they fade out. If you wish to be able to do that this tutorial is for you.

Now it’s actually really simple to fade in and out. In soundbooth while you’re editing your sound, which means it isn’t on the multitrack yet, there are two little boxes in both corners of the track. These boxes are two toned (half grey and half black). If you drag these boxes along the track you will see a yellow curve appear. As you drag it along the track you will notice that the amplitude of the part of the track that the yellow curve is over is decreasing. That’s because you’ve just made it so that the track starts off soft and crescendoes until it reaches its full volume.


Chris Collier


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3 Responses to “Fading in and out in Soundbooth.”

  1. This post was informative because it told how to fade in and out using Soundbooth in a concise, easy to remember method that wasn’t flooded with pictures, unnecessary jargon, and computer talk. The writer not only told the reader how to do this, but he also showed the results of what happens when you drag the arrows and why it works the way it works. Overall, it was a very rhetorically sounded post. Even though there were not any pictures, the writer used language that stands for itself.

  2. I found this post to be extremely helpful when I was editing my own sound clips. It was clear and concise. Most of the time you want to just figure out what you need to and move on without having to read through unnecessary information. I also appreciated the fact that the writer explained the lack of illustration to accompany the tutorial and promised a future update.


  3. When I first saw this post, I thought it might be hard to follow because there were no pictures. However, you were very descriptive in your writing so I found it very easy to follow.
    -Tatum Walker

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