How to Put a Song on Your Website Using Internet Uploaders

Have you ever recorded what you thought was your best vocals ever and wanted the whole world to know and download it, but thought it was impossible to show them?

Well, guess what! It’s POSSIBLE, and simple.

First, youre obviously going to need to find the recording on your computer.

Secondly, open an online uploader in order to turn ur song into internet glory. I  will show you how to use Hulkshare in this demonstration, however Mediafire is just as simple.


Create an account. Then procede to click upload on the upper left hand side of the screen.

upload button

Click the orange “browse” button in the middle of the screen and start searching for your recording. Once found, click the file and click open

browse files

locating files

An upload cache opens up below the browse files button. You then click upload on underneath the upload cache. In this example you can see that you can upload more than one media file at a time.

upload cache

Next, go to ‘My Account’ on the top tool bar then to ‘my files’ to bring up a list of files you have uploaded.

my account tab


You are almost done! Click on the file you want to use for the project then click on which “imbed” player you would like to use. (1. is the embedded number while two  is the visiual appearance ot fht emusic play when the corresponding html code is used. Copy the hml.

html code for the music player

Insert your new html code into the your very own html document for your website.

html for website

Finally, when you upload your revisions for the HTML code, your player should look like this.

website with music player

What the music player looks like after pressing play

Voila and there you have it. I hope this was very infromative to you!

-Derrick L. Smith II


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8 Responses to “How to Put a Song on Your Website Using Internet Uploaders”

  1. The fact that the images were cropped to show specific windows or sections of the screen is pretty helpful, because it shows the area without using an arrow to draw attention. The arrows and circles around the areas used in the post show where you actually need to click, and makes it explicitly shown what needs to be done.

    -Daniel Goodstein

  2. The large pictures, highlighted font, and arrows pointing to the specific reference point make this extremely helpful and the fact that the instructions are not overly wordy make this a very user friendly! -Lindsey Jamieson

  3. Thanks this was very straight forward and easy to follow because of the arrows which showed me exactly where to go. I now know what hulkshare is because you gave a description that let me understand that hulkshare is an online uploader. I also liked how you said “You’re almost done!” That made me feel like you were still walking me through the steps all the way to the end.
    -nikki abban

  4. This was really helpful for me! I really like how many pictures you used because it makes it really easy to follow along with what i should do. It shows me something that I know that I’ll want to do on the future. This was such a great post!

    Kristen Rupnik

  5. I appreciated this post because of the extensive details given in the how to procedural diction. For example, Derrick even says to create an account on Hulkshare and captions all his picture reinforcing the text explaining what they show above the pictures. Though the details were extensive, they were very easy to follow because of the drawn in arrows the highlighted html, and enlarged images. For example, he draws a red arrow pointing to the browse files and upload button that need to be clicked on the Hulkshare website before proceeding to get music on your webpage. I also liked the subject of the post. It drew me in because it is something I see a lot of people being interested in, and I myself am interested in doing on my website if applicable. Who doesn’t like to share their good taste in music after all?


  6. I can see the pictures very well and they are all very descriptive pictures.
    -Tatum Walker

    The large pictures, highlighted font, and arrows pointing to the specific reference point allow a user who has very little experience with creating websites to be able to complete this task without frustration, for example highlighting the HTML code and where to place the HTML code allows the reader to get an easy step by step instruction of the task. Almost every step has a picture associated with it which helps to explain the instructions further. The fact that the instructions are not overly wordy make this a very user friendly and gets straight to the point for how to complete the task! -Lindsey Jamieson

  8. I liked this post because it presented me with a different way of doing something. Whereas I had been doing it with audio tags this gave me an entirely different method, which is always nice. As far as the way this post is constructed, I felt like the way you edited the photos, specifically adding arrows, circles and numbers in the pictures, aids you in drawing the reader’s attention to the specific points that you wanted people to be viewing.
    Chris Collier

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