Adobe Premiere Pro: Dip to Black Transition

Ever notice when the credits of television program start to pop up  on the screen, and then, all of a sudden the screen fades to black?

Here is a quick and easy tutorial that will show you how to achieve that effect—whether you are rolling credits or want to create a spooky vibe within your video footage.

First you should already have your video project open in Adobe Premiere.



Now in the “Effects” tab you will open up the “Dip to Black” transition by clicking on the Video Transition folder and then go to the “Dissolve” folder.  In this folder you will find the “Dip to Black” transition.

Now you can just simply drag this effect to the video clip of your choice in the timeline/project panel.






~ by unemployedhobbyist on October 24, 2011.

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  1. I never knew how to do this! I really liked the introduction because you used the example of the television show and how the screen fades to black.
    It made me really understand from first hand experience what this post will help me do.
    -Nikki Abban

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