How to Create a Style Sheet on Adobe Dreamweaver

A plain black and white web page isn’t very fun to look at. So when you’re publishing web pages through Adobe Dreamweaver, the easiest way to spice up your work is using a CSS document, which ultimately adds background and text color, along with whatever else you want to throw in.

To add a new CSS document, start under Adobe Dreamweaver’s File > New > CSS > create.

You now have a blank CSS document. Now, all of the enrichment that you want to add can be put into this document. It will then show up as the background color, text color, etc. to whatever page you attach the “style sheet.” Let’s use the background color orange as an example. You will need to be consistent with html language so the CSS cooperates. You would type:

body {
	background-color:#f93; }

and save it.

Now, under the html document you want to add a background color to, select Format > CSS styles > Attach style sheet  and select the one you intend to use.

And there’s your background color! Now the same thing can be done with text color, style, etc. Simply save your CSS and click “refresh” on your Adobe Dreamweaver page to update the progress!

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