How to Split a Clip in Adobe Sound Booth

Have you been recording sounds on your video camera? Good, well now it is time to combine them on Adobe Sound Booth. When I first heard that I had to do this, I was a little nervous. To my relief, I found out that it is actually very easy to split clips of your audio when you want to combine them. Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in on how to do it.

First, add all of your recorded sounds to Adobe Sound Booth. Your sounds should appear in the top left of your sound booth, like the picture below. Along with your audio tracks there should be a untitled multitrack, too. If there is not, simply add a new one and keep on going!

Now, double click on the untitled multitrack so that it is the sound track that you are working with. Drag all of your clips into the multitrack to begin combining them.

I am going to be working with my first audio track at the top so I highlighted it.






Splitting this clip means to separate the clip so that you can add a section of another clip in between it. To do this, go to the bar at the top labeled “Clip” and a pull down menu will appear. Scroll down to the bar “Split Clip” and click on it.

Once you click on this, one section of the clip you wanted to split will become highlighted and the other will stay shaded.

These shaded and highlighted areas just mean that your split is now cut. Here is the last and easiest part. Click on the highlighted side and drag it over to the right. An empty space should appear.

Now feel free to do the same thing to your other audio tracks. Once you split all your clips to where you want them to be separated, you can either drag all the pieces into one track and combine them that way or keep them in separate tracks and just line them up. Good luck!

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  1. I thought your use of screenshots to highlight each of the steps was a really good choice, especially since most of the Adobe programs are so complicated visually. Not only did you use screenshots, but you also added red arrows to make it completely clear. I’m not very experienced with Soundbooth, and I think this tutorial would be quick and easy to follow.

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