How to use the Dodge and Burn tools in Adobe Photoshop

Did you ever take a great photo, but wish a certain element of it was brighter? With Adobe Photoshop, highlighting or darkening a certain part of the image is easy. The dodge and burn tools are simple ways to perform this task. ‘Dodging’ makes an area of the photo lighter, while ‘burning’ darkens it. On the tool bar in Adobe Photoshop, this tool is located along the left toolbar:

To use it, hold control and click, and select which tool you want to use. For instance, I will select the burn tool and click on the part of the image that I want to darken. You can expand the range, change exposure, and sharpen or soften with this tool using the top bar that pops up, too.

Obviously this editing does not do the picture justice, but it’s apparent where I have darkened the image. It’s easy as that!

– Marissa Andreassi


~ by marissaceleste7 on October 25, 2011.

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