Class Notes – 10/25/2011

Okie dokie – here’s the deal:

Test Footage!

Yes! You need test footage for your 11.11.11 project! I know what you’re thinking – how can I get test footage of something that isn’t happening yet? Well, you can go to the site and get some footage of where things will be happening. Use this time to figure out your shots. You can probably get a general idea of what will be going on in the space, so work out what you’ll be filming (videoing?) in the space.


Storyboards are really great. When you get out there for your shoot, there’s going to be so much happening, you’re just going to want to be able to do your thing. Storyboards let you figure out, ahead of time, just what your thing is.

Which projects do you need them for? Both! Yes – for both Day in the life AND 11.11.11.


This is for your Day in the life project. This is where you basically sketch out – in the video editor – what form your assembled footage will take. So, take your footage, put it on the timeline, and make something out of it! There should be no effects here – just the straight footage. Think of it as sort of a first pass at making your project, with many refinements to come on the next pass.

Ah, yes – the technical aspect:

Let’s say your roughcut should be about 3-5 minutes.

Export your media to the FLV|| F4V format. Use the Match Source Attributes (Medium Quality) preset. If this ends up being too big for your website, you can choose a smaller preset size.

Under video quality, you can choose speed over image quality for the roughcut (as long as it doesn’t look too bad).

The Audio should be set to 96 kbps.

Also – for your own benefit – PLEASE DO NOT POST THROUGH YOUTUBE – do it through Dreamweaver instead (there’s an option in the menu for just such an occasion).


As a side note, give yourself way more time than you think you’ll need for this stuff. Anything involving the getting and editing of video is bound to take way more time and energy than expected. But don’t worry – it’s fun stuff!

Also remember that you still have to turn in 5 pictures per week (it would be super awesome if you would indicate the week they correspond to somehow) for… well, forever, until otherwise noted.

Have fun!


Your friendly neighborhood TA,

Dave Turka


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