Inserting an Ordered or Unordered List

Let’s say you are creating a website about yourself using Adobe Dream Weaver.

You want to display your “favorites” and “hobbies” in lists.

First you start with a blank html document

In order to create an “ordered list” you will need to put your tags under the “body” tag.

An ordered list will contain numbers for each item in your list.

The ordered list tag you will use is <ol>.

For example:







You will type the title of the List after the <ol> tag.

For each item in the list, you must use the <li> tag surrounding each item

For example:

<li>Hobby 1</li>

<li>Hobby 2</li>

Underneath the title is the content of the list

That is an ordered list.

Next I will show you how to create an “unordered list”.

An unordered list will use bullet points for each item of the list, instead of numbers.

For this you will use the same format as you did for an “ordered list” except, you will use the “<ul>” tag.

You will still use the “<li>” tag for each item in your list.

Your website will appear as this:

And that is how you insert lists into your website!







~ by bschrades on October 27, 2011.

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