Equalizing Volume in Adobe SoundBooth

This tool can be helpful when you have sound clips that have significantly different waveforms or “loudness levels”. Fortunately, this problem only takes a few seconds to correct! Don’t worry if you’re a beginner…it is really easy to do.

First, open the clip you want to edit in SoundBooth. Then go to the bottom right area of your screen and click on the button that is all the way on the right. (When you roll over it with your mouse, it should say “Equalize volume levels”)

You can also do this by going up to processes menu and selecting “Equalize Volume Levels” or go over to the Task Panel on the left side of your screen and under “Volume Correction”, select “equalize volume”

If you want to match the volume of multiple sound clips instead of being limited to only one sound clip, there is the match volume feature…

Select all the sound clips that you want to be matched in volume. Then simply drag that selection into “Files to Match” under “Match Volume”.

Click on the Match Volume button that will be directly underneath your sound clips.

If you go back and look at all your sound clips, they should all have equal or similar waveforms.

Note: Matching volume may result in an increase of unwanted background noises for some clips that may not have been present at a lower volume. This can be corrected in SoundBooth as well.

Good luck!

~Indira Mukerji


~ by indi50093 on October 28, 2011.

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  1. This post jumps out at me above all others due to the first sentence of your entry. You state exactly why and what the tool is used for and then go into detail on how to actually apply it to a sound clip. Although the title explains what you are posting about, the opening paragraph goes into detail about why the post is important to read. It really grabbed my attention and kept it with little confusion.

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