add a video to your website!

video files take up a lot of band width, so its important that you do not exceed the quantity you have – to do this check to see how much you have and compare it to what is on the webpage and how big your video will display.

1. first, save the video to your root folder under a new subfolder naned “video”. so your link will be something like this:

2. next, you need to embed your video so it will appear in the web browser using this code or a code like this:


3. make sure your personally choosen width and height match your video so it is not distorted.

4. the controller attribute displays the video controls. the auto play attribute tells the browser to play or not to play the video when the page is loaded.

5. true means it will play automatically, false means that you will need to click the start button.



I hope this works for you!



Kristen Rupnik



~ by kayrup on October 30, 2011.

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  1. The red flag that put this blog in a different spectrum is the lack of aesthetic appeal. The solo photo in the dead center of the blog has too much white space and isn’t clear enough to copy and use. The writer also used numbered lists, which isn’t stylistically appealing and lacks the connection that is typical of a blog post. The rhetoric of the post itself is fairly conversational, but I feel as though the writer didn’t use enough procedural rhetoric to allow someone to actually perform what she is showing.
    -Greg Drupp

  2. This blog lacks a grasping appeal at first glance because of the language, lack of pictures, and numbered steps. Perhaps a more interactive tone would appeal to more audiences because it would be more engaging and help to better explain how to add a video link. More pictures, maybe even with added arrows, would make this easier to follow. The numbered steps make it seem like an uninteresting process because of the procedural rhetoric and it would be much more productive and painless to follow if descriptive rhetoric was used to be able to respond to this more directly.
    Alyssa F

  3. This post lost my attention a bit just because it was step by step. I learned how to add a video to my website, but I felt that I was just being talked at. I think you did right in adding the picture. I think you could add a few more to guide a little more. Also being conversational helps. It would make me more excited to read this.


  4. The title did catch my attention and I was excited to see a screenshot. However, when I actually explored the screen shot I realized I couldn’t see the words well. That made me not want to read the post because I knew I couldn’t use the picture to guide me. The directions were good I just wish that they were started with capital letters to reassure me that the writer was professional.

    -Nikki Abban

  5. The picture is too small too read, it would be more helpful if you made it larger…or just copied the text directly into blog text…and maybe used a picture of the video instead, as in the finished product of the code…

  6. I understand your intention, but this post can use some improvement. First, you used numbers to explain the process. Even though they make it easy to follow, it can be unappealing. Also the text in the picture field is way to small for me to read easily. Try using actual text so you can control the size or just crop the text and make the picture bigger.

    -Jarad Kmietowicz

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