creating background music for your website

Making background music appear right as your start up you website is very easy and it consists of using one simple code the hidden tag the code for putting background music in your website is

1. start the embed name tag off with the music file in quotes
2. then follow with src= “name of music file
3. the use the loop part of the tag- loop= “false”
4. then you enter the hidden tag- hidden=”true”
5. followed by- autostart= “false”
6. Then close the embedded tag

this way the music will start automatically, and if you want more control over the music remove the hidden tag and replace it with the “false” tag and remember to turn off auto start by changing the last part of the tag to “autostart=false”

Jake Sam

~ by fsod715 on October 30, 2011.

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  1. The aesthetics of the page offer little incentive to read through the entire post. Because there are no pictures and the content is listed in a numbered format, it doesn’t provide insightfully a reason to continue reading. The rhetoric used is strictly procedural, offering little stylistic language that establishes a connection with the reader. The grammar of the post is not consistent within the post, especially capitalization and spelling. It makes it look like the blog was rushed to be completed.
    -Greg Drupp

  2. I thought that this post was informative, but I lost interest when I noticed that it was just words. I think that one thing to do that will help in the future is adding pictures. In that way you can bring attention to certain to the really important step. Also for people who have a hard time visualizing the process in their head, it gives them a little more than just the words to go by.

    Chris Collier

  3. When first scrolling through this post, there is not a particular part of it that is an attention grabber. It has a numerical listing of steps to follow and lacks images or pictures to display what is going on as far as the informative process. It may be useful to have more flow to the structured writing, and add an image or two to point out exactly what tools or methods are used to complete the task.

    – Marissa

  4. I thought that this was really helpful, however it turns very uninteresting because there’s no images. There’s no catchy phrase to start off with and there is no writer reader relationship. It’s informative in a straight forward way. The list is organized, but pictures and examples make it so much easier to follow and easier to visualize and draw positive attention to.


  5. You really need images of all the code to both assist the reader in writing it and to make the post catch a reader’s eye. Also, maybe you could spice the post up by changing your syntax and expanding on your sentences to make it a more pleasing read.

  6. One thing I noticed while reading your post is that I sometimes had to read over a sentence more than once to understand what you were trying to say, for example, when you say “using one simple code the hidden tag the code…” If you just change your wording I think that will help to make your blog more clear and more helpful.


  7. Images would help assist a reader in using your post. It is difficult to picture where to go without pictures, pictures will help guide your reader. Try to have a more relatable tone with your reader.- lindsey j

  8. This blog doesn’t really catch my eye. The font is all the same, there are no images, and there is a list of directions. You aren’t exactly catching my attention or making want to read your blog. By adding pictures you could use less words and add color to your blog, especially because backgrounds can be captivating images. By adding alternating fonts you can also add extra spice.

    Tatum Walker

  9. The post was simple and seems easy to follow, but it is lacking when it comes to grabbing a reader’s attention. You may want to break up the text a little more as well, as the run-on sentences, well, run on. It gets hard to read, and seems stressed by the end.

    Adding images may help as well, both to help with the explanation, and to catch a few readers.

  10. This blog lacks appeal at first glance because of the language, lack of pictures, and numbered steps. Pictures, maybe even with added arrows, would make this easier to follow. Perhaps a more interactive tone would appeal to the audience because it would be more engaging and help to better explain how to create a background music. The numbered steps make it seem like an uninteresting process because of the procedural rhetoric and it would be much easier to respond to this more directly if descriptive rhetoric was used.

  11. This post needs pictures. That is a must for almost anything in the realm of do-it-yourself. Also, the steps are in a way ambiguous. You may have explained everything correctly, but if you showed an example (with a picture or in text) it would convey your message a lot better.

    -Jarad Kmietowicz

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