Fading Videos In and Out in Adobe Premiere CS5.5

Fading a video in and out can help limit the jarring jump cuts between videos that are sometimes disorienting. Notice that this is just how to fade the VIDEO in and out, not the audio. The audio itself will need to be overlapped or tweaked elsewhere in order to do the same.

So you’ve opened up Premiere and have all your video clips ready.

You’ll want to click and drag the clip in the left viewfinder down to the bottom window, which is where all the video clips will show up.

The green bars are your clips, and if you click play in the right viewfinder, your clips will appear here. Now, in the left viewfinder there are tabs near the top, and the middle one will say “Effect Controls” and it will say “No Clip Selected”. If you get this, make sure the clip down in the bottom window is highlighted. Once it is, you’ll have a bunch of options you can choose: speed, opacity, motion, etc. Opacity is what we want.

After you highlight the clip:

After you click both of the little arrows under “Opacity” and “Opacity”:

Now to the right of the second “Opacity”, there’s a button with a diamond-shaped dot and a left and right arrow. This is how you’ll designate where you want your clip to fade, when, and how quickly. To the right of this, there is the blue tab thingy connected to the vertical red line– this is the timeline of your clip. When the red line is at the front, you’re at the beginning of your clip. And when it’s at the end you are, predictably, at the end of the clip. By clicking the diamond-shaped dot, you are designating points on the clip where you want things to happen.

So move the timeline all the way to the front and click the diamoned-shaped dot:

Now you can see a little diamond-thing on the timeline, above an orange line that also has a point on it. If you want to remove it, simply click on the diamond-shaped dot button again. You can move dot-to-dot by clicking on the right and left arrows.

Once you’ve gotten a point on your timeline, go to the little slider thing under opacity and slide it all the way down. You’ll notice the screen in the right viewfinder goes black. That’s because your image is completely transparent, allowing the black background to show through.

Now you’ll want it to fade in. So create another point on the timeline. Slide the red vertical line about halfway across and click the diamond-shaped dot button. Another point will appear. Once it does, slide the opacity all the way back up to 100.

Now your image fades in. In order to fade out, you just create another point on the timeline at the end and slide the opacity back down to zero.

Now your image fades in and out. You can overlap videos so that while one is fading in, the other is fading out. Or not. Whatever you like!



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  1. I really like your tutorial. The pictures are perfect for the text you use and your arrows and “little extras” are very neat and tidy. I really enjoy your personality in the blog. This post is very helpful and not just a random post. Thank you, Shannon.

  2. Great step-by-step instructions with good use of pictures and text. Both played off of each other well and deepened my understanding of the topic.

  3. This post is extremely helpful because of the visuals. Instead of bombarding the reader with paragraphs, you use pictures as individual steps. It’s easy to follow and easy to find/view what you’re talking about.

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