How to Attach a Tag to Your Post

Want to attach a tag to your post??

Follow these quick, easy instructions:

First click on the edit button under your blog post.

When the next screen appears, go to the bottom left hand corner where it says tags.

Type in a website, program, tool, etc, that corresponds to your blog post and press add.

Once you have typed in all the tags you wanted, go to the top right corner and press save draft.

Hope this helps!
Tatum Walker


~ by twalker1992 on October 30, 2011.

One Response to “How to Attach a Tag to Your Post”

  1. This post teaches readers how to do something that is very straightforward and easy to learn on one’s own, so it is not really helpful as diy blog. More importantly, the majority of the people viewing this blog are in one of the classes that contribute, so they should already know this. Even if the topic was better, there are too many pictures that do not really aid the reader’s understanding. They are more than capable of finding the tag button, particularly since the poster directs them and there is not a significant amount of text on the page. Additionally, the post does not provide much additional knowledge like what exactly a tag is or why they are important. It simply tells readers what to do.

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