How to Change Brightness and Contrast an Image Using Photoshop

Do you have an almost perfect picture that is just a little to bright or dark to be exactly the way you want it? There is a way to fix this in Photoshop.

First open Photoshop and the picture you want to fix the lighting of. Make sure you re-save this picture so you do not change the original.

Once the picture is opened, click on “image” which should be listed on the top bar on a mac. Then, click on adjustments and then on brightness/contrast.


Move the arrows across the line to make the picture lighter or darker. You will see the picture getting lighter or darker right away if you click on the “preview” box.

Here you can also fix the contrast, which does not make the picture lighter or darker but changes how the colors in the picture compare to each other. This can be used to emphasize a black and white picture for example.

Once you are satisfied with the brightness and the contrast in your picture, save it, and enjoy the memories.



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  1. Pictures tell a thousand words, so use them please. I like how you have little paragraphs though. It makes the blog easy to read and follow. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of fluff. However, you would need to use even fewer words if you had pictures.

    Tatum Walker

  2. This post could be more eye catching if a few images were added. I know it is just discussing brightness or contrast, but an actual image that displayed the change in color or photo quality could be very helpful.

    – Marissa Andreassi

  3. Your post could be alot more interesting if it didnt start with “how to”. She told us in the begining not to start posts with how to because they tend to be boring. Definately change the title to something more fun like “Spicing Up an Image Using Photoshop”. Also, using pictures lets people who don’t know how to use photoshop find the buttons you’re talking about such as the “image” button and “contrast” and “preview”. More information is needed for this to be effective and a picture would draw better attention to this post because it would visually explain what you’re doing.

    Kristen Rupnik

  4. This is a good overall explanation of how to change these qualities of an image, but it would be a lot better if you inserted some pictures to demonstrate how to do it, what the settings you’re changing look like, etc. Also, you could show the beginning and final product to show exactly how modifying these attributes changes the image. On another note, I really like how you tell people to save an original of their images so that they don’t accidentally modify their only copy.

  5. When reading blog posts, the first thing I usually look at are the images that go along with it. Images can really help the reader follow your directions more easily and know exactly what to do. The description in this blog post is well done but I think it falls short without screen shots.

    Alyssa Scalercio

  6. The diction in this post is enjoyable because of the conversational language as well such as when you close up your post with “enjoy the memories” and because of the variation in sentence structure such as starting the post with a rhetorical question.

    This post could be more interesting if you showed us an example of what exactly increasing brightness and contrast would do. This could be done by using images. One image before you edit it in photoshop, and one after you edit it. This would draw a reader to the post and help the reader understand why your post is potentially helpful.

    – Surabhi Menon

  7. This post needs images in order to show the final product and the step by step process. The small paragraphs help a person to have an in depth description of how to complete the process,but pictures would help to give visual examples to a person who has never used photoshop before. -lindsey jamieson

  8. You always have really good descriptive posts and I think they are easy to follow along with because you can read the text and do exactly what it says! The only thing I would add is some visual aids because they make it easier to follow along. The pictures make it more visually pleasing and if someone was scrolling through the blog they might click on yours to see what it was all about it you added more to it!
    -Madison Knapp

  9. This post needs some work. There isn’t much of a way to grab a reader’s attention, and the title itself, with a missing preposition, can scare off a reader who may otherwise click into the post. By fixing the title, it may make the post more inviting.There also needs to be some kind of graphic to draw in a reader’s attention, or the post is just a wall of text. Adding pictures may make it interesting to read; otherwise it seems to just be an explanation instead of a true tutorial.

  10. This post could be really helpful for those who are beginners in Photoshop. However, without a screen shot that shows the reader the steps, those who haven’t used the program before may not know where to go. The directions were really clear and since I have used the program before I’m sure I would be able to find it. If you feel like you want many people to find this useful add screen shots with each step.

    Nikki Abban

  11. This post is very direct and easy to understand. However, I feel it would be extremely helpful to your readers if you added images as a sort of show and tell. I feel that this is especially important for this particular post since the word image is used in the title, itself. Once you add some snapshots, your post will be more eye-catching and, as a result, draw more viewers in.

    ~Indira Mukerji

  12. This post is a very basic description of a very basic function of Photoshop. The lack of accompanying images here does make the reader wonder exactly why they would want to do this though. Since we don’t have an example, we don’t really know what brightness/contrast does outside of your description. Adding pictures and going into a little more depth with how to use sliders / adjusting by numerical input could be a way of expanding this. NO PICTURES is the biggest issue with this post though. When demonstrating a photoshop effect, the best thing to use is pictures.
    -Nico Dyll

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