Posting Audio Files in HTML

Ever wanted to add audio to your website. Well there happens a way to do that using html code. What you’re going to want to do first is make sure that your audio file is in the same page as the rest of your website. If it’s not then this isn’t going to work. Then in whatever HTML editing program you’re using you’re going to have to decide where on your website you want to put your audio. Then what you’ll want to do is put in this little bit of code:

<audio controls="controls" height="50px" width="100px">
        <source src="YOURSOUND.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" />

Now all you have to do is change all the parts that say “Your Sound” to what ever the name of your file is. If you do it right you should get something that looks like this.

Final Result

This is what your audio should come out looking like.

Congrats you can now embed audio into html.

Chris Collier


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4 Responses to “Posting Audio Files in HTML”

  1. Your blog might require a few more photos to make it more appealing to the eye. Also in order to make the blog more simple for its readers, a few more screen shots and explanations would be a good idea.


  2. The text that you have in the post is well written the only thing is I think it could be a bit more eye grabbing. You could include more photos, or you could make the photo you used more interesting using arrows and graphics. It gives a clear message and if someone was looking for this exact topic they would stop to read it, but if they were just browsing it does not really catch your eye.
    -Madison Knapp

  3. I find this blogpost to be very bland and unintuitive. There is a possibility of information being important to me but it does not stick out. One thing that could make this information a little more helpful, is if you specified things like the characteristics of your media player; what program to use to put this HTML code into. Also, your picture is very small and not very eye friendly in terms of us being able to see the text underneath and again the characteristics. I will add that this is a pretty simple subject, which is perfectly fine, however, the more information provided the more helpful and interesting your post is. Supposing someone does not know html very well, but only the very basics, the random html code without explanation can be confusing. The place to go get the sound that you want to put into your html is also unclear. Otherwise, this is a very good post!
    -Derrick L. Smith II

  4. I do not really like this post because it is limited in both personality and information. They do not really explain to readers why they do each step, but rather, they just tell them to do it. They also did not address the many problems that arise when attempting to insert sound, or how to possibly prevent these problems (for instance, converting the sound to several different formats.) Beyond the technical stuff though, they simply did not have enough of a voice to encourage readers to keep reading. Overall, it was pretty boring.


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