Understanding the basics about your apple keyboard

Now I don’t know about you, but I was not Mac savy at all. When working with Adobe Dreamweaver on the Mac its hard to immediately know how to copy, paste, cut and undo when typing in your code. You definitely wouldn’t want to type the same code over and over again.

For those who need extreme mac help you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s copy!

The first thing you want to do is highlight your text. This would be done by clicking and holding the mouse of the desired word  followed by dragging the mouse to the left or right, until the entire text is highlighted.

So let’s say I would like to copy this html code

<h1 Welcome to my page! </h1>  

So After highlighting I would press the command key and while still holding the key press the letter C. So essentially you are pressing Command + C .

<h1 Welcome to my page! </h1>   <—-This text is now highlighted, now press command + C to copy!

Now let’s get ready to paste!

Pasting involves a similar process of copy. The only difference is that you would click the space you would like to put your text or object and press Command + V.

Now if you would like to delete something and duplicate it somewhere else, you  can use the cut tool! Just like copying you would highlight the text but this time you press Command+X . Seeing a pattern here?

<h1 Welcome to my page! </h1>   <—-This text is now highlighted, now press command + X to cut!

Lastly but certainly not least it’s always good to know how to undo something because everyone makes mistakes. In order to undo something highlighting is unnecessary. You simply just press Command + Z . Now pressing undo takes away any action that you just did. That could vary from a word you just typed to undo a paste you made.

Okay so now just remember the formulas

Command + C = Copy

Command + V= Paste

Command + X = Cut

Command + Z  = Undo

And if this is too hard to remember , you could always press the Command key and click on the mouse. However those only give options for copying,pasting and cutting.

Hope this helped!

-Nikki Abban


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3 Responses to “Understanding the basics about your apple keyboard”

  1. While this tutorial was pretty simplistic, I think it succeeds because it goes beyond just simply saying “Push Command + V” to paste. It shows you the buttons themselves so that people who may not be familiar with Mac keyboards could easily spot it using your diagrams.

  2. I really like this post, not because I don’t know what shortcuts are, but because I see so few people using them. This kind of information is huge for someone who is not computer savvy, though information on the equivalent PC shortcuts would help this reach even more people. Additionally, some other simple shortcuts for Adobe Suite software could make this even more useful. Your images are very clear in explaining where and what keys to use, and the text has a friendly tone that keeps a reader engaged. Thank you for this post!
    -Nico Dyll

  3. Although I am a huge fan of Mac shortcuts, I think this blog post is a good entry for those not as comfortable with their Mac keyboards as I am. However, your pictures a pretty big and are the same thing every time. I think you could make them a little bit smaller by only including the bottom two rows of the keyboard. I found myself scrolling through the same thing over and over again. Also, it’d be nice to see proper circles around the keys you are trying to emphasize. If you’re gonna make it big and bold, be sure to make it clean, as well. As you become more comfortable with Mac keyboards, these are things that will come naturally. =]

    Mairead Lynn

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