Adobe Premiere: Adding text to a video project

This tut is going to show you how to incorporate text into a video project in a few simple steps.

Open up a new premiere project.

Go to the Title drop down menu and click on “New Title.”

You can now pick what type of text you want to incorporate in the video.

Default Still, Default Roll, or Default Crawl.

These options will open up two dialogue boxes that look like this:





Name your text whatever you would like.






Now, feel free to input the text you want in a style of your choosing by trying out the different options.


After, just close the dialogue box and then drag the text from your bin to the timeline.






~ by unemployedhobbyist on October 31, 2011.

5 Responses to “Adobe Premiere: Adding text to a video project”

  1. This post seems to have very little text when I first look at it. It does not seem like there are very many directions, which could make it a little more difficult to follow. If there were more details I think this would be a blog that anyone could follow. This blog would be more attractable if the author wrote it in a different style. The tone does not seem like a blog type of tone. Also, the screen shots are tiny and hard to read. The pictures are very good and descriptive, just hard to see.

    -Alyssa Scalercio

  2. This post, at first glance, has very few words which can lead me to assume that not much detail in direction is given. When reading through, the direction is not bad but there is room for improvement.
    For example:
    These options will open up two dialogue boxes that look like this:
    Underneath this direction there is a picture. This picture is informative but too small to really get much out of, and because it is to small to properly see, this takes away from the quality of the direction.
    More detail in text and larger, clearer posts would definitely improve this post 🙂

    -Surabhi Menon

  3. It seems like your pictures would add to your information and make what you are saying more clear, except they are too small to clearly see the content. Also I think that adding more details, for example what default still, default roll, and default crawl are, would make this post more useful.


  4. This post relies on pictures, as there are many of them, but they are not the best size they could be. It is very difficult to tell what they are or read what they have written in them.

  5. I think the text in this post is straightforward and doesn’t need to be added upon. However, I would suggest that when you upload them onto WordPress, you click the “full size” option that appears when you add an image. That way people can see exactly what’s going on in your cropped screenshots. 🙂


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