Isolating Sounds to Left or Right Speakers in Adobe Audition

The most successful soundscapes and videos immerse the listeners or viewers into another world. With headphones and earbuds being so widely used nowadays, sound is used much more intricately. Here I will show you how to do a basic panning of sound (specifying which speaker it plays through).

First, open Audition and drag two audio files you may want to play over each other to a multitrack session. In the little boxes where it says “Track 1,” “Track 2,” etc. there are two dials. The one on the left is a volume adjuster whereas the one on the right is the sound balancer. To play a sound on a specific speaker simply click and drag the mouse in whichever direction that speaker is (right or left). The yellow number will indicate what percentage of the sound is favored toward the “heavier” speaker. In the example, the selected track is playing 38.2 louder through the right speaker (in comparison to the track’s sound played through the left). If you want the sound to play from the right only, click and drag to the right until the yellow number reads “R100.”

If you play with these dials well enough, you will send your listener into another world! All he or she has to do is keep closed eyes.


-Jarad Kmietowicz


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