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It’s been quite a few weeks that we have been creating these websites, but there are still a few things that I get stuck on. This week I was trying to just design my website a little but more and I realized I did not know how to make text bold. Making text bold lets it stick out from other items on your page and drags your eyes straight to it. For those of you who are in my same boat, I will give you the few very easy steps to making your text bold.

First, put into your source code whatever you want to be on your web page. For me, I am going to add some contact information to my homepage.

I wrote a little paragraph about myself then put my email so that anyone can contact me with feedback or questions. The most important thing written there is my email so I decided that I wanted that to be bold. There are two ways to do this. First, I will show you the source code way.

1. Select what part you want to be bold and at the beginning of it, just like any other tag, put <strong>. This is the tag to make something bold. When the text you want to be bold is done, close the tag with </strong>.



As you can see I wanted the word “email” to be bold. Once I typed that in, my webpage looked like this. Look at the right side of Dream Weaver and your’s should also look like mine does in the image below.

2. The second way to do this is even easier than that. Start from scratch again and select what you want to be bold. Highlight that text either in the source code or on the webpage, it does not matter.

Next, go to the bar at the very bottom of the page that is labeled “properties.” Similar to Microsoft Word there is a bold button that is labeled “B”

Almost done! Simply click on the bold button and whatever you had highlighted will become bold. Good luck!

-Alyssa Scalercio



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  1. Your pictures are way too large for what you are actually explaining. You don’t need a picture of yourself in the webpage if you are simply explaining how to make the text bold. I wish you would’ve done something larger than just bolded text. You obviously worked on the post for more than a few minutes, but there’s a lot of extraneous flab that could be cut down. Overall, good effort though.

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