Taking and Inserting a Screenshot using Dreamweaver

Let’s say your teacher assigns you a project that requires you to create a webpage using dreamweaver.

For example, creating a webpage about Twitter, you need to include pictures that are not found on google or on the internet.

You are going to have to open the webpage and take your own screen shot.

There are two different ways to take a screen shot using a Macintosh.

First, open your browser to the page you are required to capture.

Once you have the webpage open, you can either take a full screen shot of your entire screen by holding “command, shift, 3” all at the same time, or you can click “command, shift, 4” and select the portion that you want to capture.

These pictures will now show up onto your desktop

Now you insert these into the webpage you are creating, you go to insert image and find your desktop documents and click the image you want in your webpage

Make sure your image tag is under the body tag.

Now the image you have chosen will appear in your website!




Beth Schrader

~ by bschrades on November 1, 2011.

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