How to Create a Blog Post on Word Press

If you don’t know how to create and submit a blogpost on wordpress never fear, this blog will give you step by step instructions for how to complete a simple blog!

First, log onto your wordpress account. 

Then on your right hand side, at the top of the screen, below your username icon, place your mouse over the icon and a screen should drop down. Go to the blog site you wish to add your blog to, and place your mouse over the blog icon.

Another screen will appear once you place your mouse over the blog icon. Click on new post

This will take you to the screen where you will begin to compose your blog post. Remember to name your blog post in the “Enter Title Here” area!

For your blog post you will want to take Screen shots of the step by step process, in order to do this hold down, “Command and Shift and then 3”. These snap shots will be saved to your desktop. Begin to write the step by step process of your blog

Inorder to Insert a snap shot, go to the icon next to the “upload/insert”- this should be a small grey box within a larger white box. Click this icon and it will take you to a screen entitled “Add media files from your computer”- click select files

Once you have clicked on select files, look through your desktop snap shots for the one you want to add to your blog, and press open.

Once you have selected the file,  choose the alignment and size, then press “Insert into Post” at the bottom of the page. Add a tag to help identify key words in your post you should go to the lower right corner of the add new post page. Type the key word in and press add. It should look like this…

Once you have added the appropriate amount instructions and snapshots to complete your post, Sign your post! Then press the blue button- publish!

-Lindsey Jamieson


~ by lindseyjamieson on November 2, 2011.

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